Zurika McKee Background

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Born and raised on a farm in the Karoo, I remember picking peas straight from the pods and eating them under apricot trees ready for the picking… peas never tasted too good.

The smell of apricot jam bubbling away on the stove and fresh bread out of the oven … I know why I have this great love for food.

Now many years later I find myself in lovely Botswana, which I now call home. I have found here the best thing about food is to keep it simple, allow ingredients to speak for themselves. I appreciate this and try to incorporate it into my everyday cooking and life.

Stopping on the side of the road for a grilled cob of corn -one of the local snacks- has become one of my favourite things to do. Here we share chats with fellow lovers of grilled corn and catch up on some gossip. What a treat.

For the past five (5) years I have been running an online food store, delivering gourmet homemade meals to executives and busy families around Gaborone. We catered to a very niche discerning clientele. The whole experience has led me into creating processes and training systems that revitilises restaurant menus with innovative offerings; improve kitchen operations and hygiene, making own ingredients and improving food delivery to the customer.


I co-authored a cookbook with Claire Lane comprising of eighty-three (83) recipes and images. From dessert to delta, a rich and colourful culture; this is a collection of Botswana’s local recipes that gets to the soul of the ingredients and dishes. A true celebration of Botswana culture, tradition and spirit.

The recipes use every part of an animal from nose to tail, minimizing waste and bringing families back to simple cooking.

Two wonderful opposites: the meat eater and the vegetarian coming together to capture the flavours of Botswana. This is a personal book about friendship and cultures celebrating basic ingredients that come together with disarming honesty and fascinating flavours.