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We use world best practices to deliver the right solution for your restaurant.

Our Services

Delivering ongoing successful customer experiences is essential to building strong restaurant brands. Restaurants thrive on good reputation for either innovative menus; tasty meals; fresh ingredients…

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Our Approach

We use world best practices to make sure that we deliver the right solution the correct way. Our process starts with a clear understanding of what is required by our clients. Understanding what the purpose, objectives and ultimate intentions are.

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About Zurika

Born and raised on a farm in the Karoo, I remember picking peas straight from the pods and eating them under apricot trees ready for the picking… peas never tasted too good The smell of apricot jam bubbling away on the stove and fresh bread out of the oven …

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About Us

Zurika McKee Consulting is a restaurant management consulting firm that provides a variety of services to the catering and hospitality industry in Botswana. Our purpose is to improve the quality standards of food and service levels in restaurants, canteens and food establishments.

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