Who We Are

We use world best practices to deliver the right solution for your restaurant.

About Us

Zurika McKee Consulting is a restaurant management consulting firm that provides a variety of services to the catering and hospitality industry in Botswana. Our purpose is to improve the quality standards of food and service levels in restaurants, canteens and food establishments. We do this through developing or redesigning menus incorporating authenticity and fresh ingredients; improving the food preparation process; analyzing and improving business processes; and training staff members.

Our primary focus is to improve the profitability and economic performance of restaurants and enhancing the customer’s experience.


To be Botswana’s leading Restaurant Management Consulting and Turnaround Strategy firm.


Improve the quality of food served in Botswana restaurants and canteens with an emphasis on customer satisfaction, hygiene and profitability.


  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Team work
  • Botho
  • Accountability